Hawaii doing?

So, I've returned back from my long month and a half holiday to Hawaii and Korea. I've realised that my absence from this blog has been way too long, So, I'm hitting off 2015 with some extremely picturesque photographs from my trip.

Firstly, My trip to Hawaii was not only the first time ever getting on a plane, but also getting out of New South Wales (excluding Canberra). Travelling with such spontaneity was a such a new thing to my usual ever so structured life back in Sydney, and I loved it. 

I would say in three words it felt very free, stressless and inspiring. Oh, and I was also located next to Alamoana Shopping Centre which was very beneficial during Black friday shopping.
I miss road tripping across the coast to all the northern beaches, extreme picturesque views, spending time with family and even being a major tourist and holding up the lines when calculating my money haha (way too many coins)
- Jaymee


Familiarising a Newtown

During these holidays one of the things on my bucket list was to explore Surry Hills and Newtown. Going to university in the city these two areas are "must see places", but I haven't had the chance to explore them, and so thats exactly what I did. 

My first visit we ate some lunch at Newtown Thai, then went off for some dessert at the Pie Tin. My next trip we went to moo burgers (grill'd burgers still my favourite), visited the good ole thrift store and found what could be considered probably the most rad jacket ever (however, I sadly did not buy it), afterwards we ate some cronuts at the popular Newtown Brewtown. 

Both Surry Hills and Newtown have the most beautiful walls, houses, garage doors ever. Every corner I looked was a photo shoot waiting to happen haha, Of course Akina and I embraced that opportunity and took a million photos (check them snaps) 
I don't regret the amount of walking we did at all, because it was so worth seeing every inch of these two beautiful places, but in conclusion I feel as though first visit is always the best visit. 
- Jaymee


Myra's Day

18th Friday July: A couple of friends and I went to Myra's house for a little surprise birthday party, and let me just say that it's one of the most beautiful houses I have ever been to,  like something I would see in Kinfolk combined with a Grounds of Alexandria equivalent backyard. 

Everything was just "so myra: a term used to describe everything that hints a japanese influence, whilst also possessing an organic, genuine and peaceful feel much like what is evoked from myra and her designs." My friends and I were absolutely awestruck at how every inch of her house was so photogenic, including latte the labra-doodle. 

It was such an amazing day, we started the day with cooking up some authentic Japanese pumpkin udon, delicious white chocolate green tea cheesecake topped with blueberry made by Ebony served with tea for dessert, and lastly out to her backyard to cook up some some post-dessert dessert smores on her outdoor fireplace, it was a given that I would be passionately trying to keep the fire alive by shouting "calcifer! don't die on me". 

Of course lastly, I also illustrated a card for her that was "so myra".
An absolutely unforgettable day it was. 
- Jaymee


Adding zing

When it comes to presents, I feel as though personalising and giving it your own zing adds to the present rather than just the present itself. A very simple gift wrapping idea using a paper bag, twine and scrap watercolour paper for the tag. This holiday has definitely been birthday season, and I have been at least drawing once-twice a week (you can see this on my instagram)


Jamaican do this

After a lot of convincing, I have decided to start blogging. What better way to start than with an illustration of myself. As stated above, my name is Jaymee Kim and Solbi is my korean name, I'm 19 years old and I am studying visual communication. Friends are able to identify me, even from a mile away all thanks to my mustard sweater. 

I illustrate the daily occurrences or thoughts that are left dwelling in my mind. 
I guess you could call it an outlet of the things left unsaid, I call them my "visual murmurs". (yeah, I'm quite deep like that *flicks hair*). 
You can expect illustrations, snapshots from a day, inspirations, fashion wants or wants in general and positive reminders to myself and to others. 

So as cliche as it sounds, here's to the start of something! Jamaican do this (Jaymee can)
- Jaymee